• Are you looking for 
    treatments for DIGESTIVE 
    AUTOIMMUNE, and CHRONIC diseases?

  • All schools of medicine have a role to play 

    approach to healthcare. 
  • Good foods are  
    “good for you”
    UNLESS they’re not 

    good for YOU.
  • I DREAM of a healthCARE system
    with different practitioners 
    combining all their skills and expertise
    in a comprehensive,
    cooperative model of patient-centred care.
  • Naturopathic medicine provides
    safe, effective treatments
    for digestive, chronic, and autoimmune diseases.

  • In the era of
    I N F O R M A T I O N  O V E R L O A D
    let me be your guide 

    to empowered, autonomous

The current ‘health’ care system is failing.

It’s not a secret anymore: you can prevent and treat the majority of illnesses with personalized, natural medicine. Medicine needs a real shake-up in the way it is viewed by patients, doctors, and government alike. There needs to be an evolution in the way we view health and disease.


The western ‘disease-based’ model of medicine and its’ blunt tools are exceptional for acute and emergency care, and the diagnostics and interventions are often life saving and awe-inspiring; however, when it comes to the intelligent, safe and effective prevention and treatment of patients with chronic, pain, and autoimmune conditions, different tools (i.e personalized, natural medicine) are required. The ‘pill for every ill’ mentality is doing more harm than good, and I do what I do because there are solutions that I want to share with you, so that you can live the life you want to live, unimpeded by anything less than optimum health.

My goal is to motivate, educate, and empower you.

Navigating the health and medical wilderness can be confusing as all hell. It is information overload out there. Trust me, I know, because I’ve probably been confused about a lot of the same things as you … and I’m an expert in health and natural medicine! It can be overwhelming to try and make sense of all the different opinions and ‘science’ claiming that this or that diet, supplement, herb, drug etc. is THE answer.

Should I eat vegetarian? Should I eat ‘paleo’? Is that Facebook meme about raw food legit?

As a result of my tireless work researching and developing my knowledge, I can separate fact from fad. Combining clinical experience and a drive to know the ‘whys’ of health and medicine, I’m here to help you ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’ (perhaps that’s not the best expression, I know, given my stance on this particular grain).

If you know that the conventional medical model, which has served humanity so well in the past, is failing to provide the goods when it comes to chronic disease

And you know that there are safe, effective non-drug solutions to address the majority of the chronic conditions …

But you’re confused as to what is the most intelligent path to take …

And you want an expert with a medical education to guide you to wellness …

Then you’re ready for a Naturopathic Doctor

You’re ready for …. 

Rational.  Natural.  Medicine.

HEADSHOT Dr.-David-Miller

About Me 

My goal is to motivate, educate, and empower you.

Authenticity, honesty, and fairness guide me.

I like to ask ‘Why?’ and ‘Couldn’t we do that better?’ a lot.

When I was younger I wanted to be a Medical Doctor. It’s an honourable and privileged profession, indeed. You get to use your intellect and help people get well.

But I kept asking ‘Why?’ and it led to me becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. The principles and philosophies were attractive and in line with my guiding values. Now as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with over 6 years of clinical experience and expertise in clinical nutrition and digestive health, I treat chronic pain, autoimmune and chronic diseases by focusing on the gut-brain connection.

A lifelong student of science and medicine, I achieved Dean’s Honour at the University of Waterloo before completing the 4-year training in Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am grateful for the academic training I received for it has given me the foundational scientific and medical knowledge that a doctor needs, but I’m not afraid to think out of the box. In an effort to find a better solution for cold sores, I designed and developed SorlexTM (formerly known as Cold Sore Stop®), a natural medicine approved by Health Canada for the treatment of cold sores. I have designed countless other combination homeopathic medicines as well as the nootropic ‘Brain Fuel’ and my very own ‘Cornerstone Gut Pro Plus’, a vegetarian, gut-healing protein powder.

I also recently designed the empowering VeganMeatEaterTM dietary principles as a necessary response to living in a time where there is both information overload and a failure of the conventional health care system to adapt to new information. I designed VeganMeatEaterTM to provide a beacon of clarity, direction, and guidance to enable each and every one of us to seek out optimal health via diet and nutrition.

I’d love to tell you that I regularly rub shoulders with celebrity doctors and TV personalities, but I don’t. (Well, except for this one.) However, having been a teaching assistant at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, a peer reviewer for Integrated Healthcare Practitioner Magazine, a research associate in the Canadian Natural Health Products (NHP) industry, the inventor of licensed NHPs, and with 6.5 years of clinical experience, I have what would roughly translate to ‘Naturopathic street cred’.  

To your best health!

David Miller
Naturopathic doctor, medical detective, and health activist .

What I Do

Working with your personal strengths I help guide you to your health goals in the safest, most effective, and sustainable way possible.

No fads, no trends.

Whether you are experiencing digestive concerns, are very ill with a chronic or autoimmune disease, or simply know that a wellness-focused medical practitioner is an essential part of an evolved healthcare team, I’ve got the skills to help you reach your healthcare goals.

Using the oft forgotten art of LISTENING, appropriate laboratory testing, cutting edge dietetics, metabolic detoxification, herbal and dietary supplements, and my 10 years of experience with acupuncture we can take you higher. 

From normal to optimal, from illness to health. 

Seek health



Rational.  Natural.  Medicine.


Dr. David Miller HBSc, ND

Bruce County Chiropractic
and Rehabilitation Centre

216 Goderich St. #7A
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